Hi! My name is Kasey.

I'm a 21-year-old graphic designer, illustrator, and never-give-upper based in Manila, Philippines.

Upon graduating university in 2011 with latin honors, I went on to follow my passion for crafting vibrant and thoughtful work through the digital medium. I have since co-designed a book, created websites, and illustrated for Clinique, Globe, Selecta, and Rogue Magazine.

I now share a studio at Create.ph as design director. I dream of traveling the world and exploring the universe in a big blue box.

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here’s a bunch of illustrations i recently made for 50feasts, a food photography and styling school based in manila. their work is so stunningly elegant and so is their quaint little studio! i’ll be learning the basics of food photography from them soon, and my inner foodie-slash-shutterbug just couldn’t wait :) you should sign up too!

food and cameras are some of my favorite things, and so making this was an absolute joy :) i got to put my rusty french to good use too! also, see if you can spot that subtle little doctor who easter egg. (hint: it is not dalek-friendly.)